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Uniqlo Tate Late: October 2016


We had an incredible night at the first ever Uniqlo Tate Late event at the Tate Modern this month, which was a chance to explore the Tate after-hours and take part in an amazing array of different activities and art including  DJ’s, workshops, puppet shows and much more. We’re brought a huge selection of different projects with us including Hackoustic favourites like The Big Blade, the Hummingbird and our ever-present coat-hangers along with projects that were shown at our wonderful summer festival and some brand new ones to boot.  We showed work from 9 different artists including interactive sound-machines, sonified objects, experimental musical instruments and much more. We took over the first three floors of the brand new Switch House building, and an amazing 14,000 people showed up. It really was a very special and exciting night indeed!

Details of all our participating artists are below along with links, so check them out, and then come and see the real thing next time we put on a show!

Axel Bluhme

Axel will be showing his project xoxxcomposer, a sound sample instrument using magnets to create digital music in a playful and visual way.

Stewart Francis Easton & Gawain Hewitt

Stewart Francis Easton will be showing his piece ‘His Piety Knows No Bounds‘, an interactive sonic quilt made in collaboration with  sound artist Gawain Hewitt, composer Michael Tanner, and the ‘Quirky Quilters’.

Jack Jelfs

Jack will be bringing his new installation Field Effect. Melt into the beautiful drones and soundscapes generated by his experimental musical instruments.

Kevin Ka Wei Chan

Kevin is a London based sound artist and member of the sound art collective Gwaith Swn. He’s collaborating with Tom Fox on the experimental interactive music mixing machine the Proximity Mixer.

Tasos Stamou

Tasos is a circuit bender extraordinaire, transforming electronic toys and other electronic ephemera into mind-boggling synthesisers and experimental musical instruments. Come along and have a go on some of his best creations.

Kelly Snook

Kelly is a researcher, engineer, musician, and maker based in London but transplanted from the US, where she spent nearly two decades as a NASA researcher. She is one of the key collaborators on the Mimu gloves project in conjunction with Imogen Heap. Kelly will be bringing some of these amazing gloves with her to demonstrate and let you have a try!


Tom Fox, aka Vulpestruments, is going to be bringing a number of his projects including a collection of his up-cycled invented instruments for you to try out, The Hummingbird as well as a brand new interactive mixing machine called the Proximity Mixer that he’s collaborating on with Kevin Ka Wei Chan. Tom one of the co-organisers of Hackoustic.

Tim Yates

Tim is a sound-artist and musician and artistic director of Hackoustic. He’ll be bringing his exploratory musical instrument Curio, along with the monstrous Big Blade and other tasty sonic tidbits for your delectation.

Luis Zayas

Luis, a product design engineer and a musician, will be bringing his sonified IV drip installation Life Support. Experience the beauty of medical equipment in ways you never thought possible!