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Highlights from Turbine Festival: Sat 25th July 2015

With an estimated 28,000 people through the doors of Tate Modern, 8,000 people more than a usual Saturday in July, the Turbine Festival 2015 is by far the largest and most successful event we’ve ever participated in. We had so much fun meeting people of all ages, and sharing with them our fascination in sound through weird and wonderful interactive musical instruments. We’re very excited about the feedback and the enthusiasm we’ve received,  and hopefully we’ve inspired some to share this passion and perhaps join us on this journey into the world of sound and vibration.

Below are the highlights of the day.


The Frame by Saif Bunni, Tim Yates and Tony Hardie-Bick

Listen to any hung object in High Fidelity Stereo using Headphones. Read more about the project here.

Turbine Festival 2015 at Tate Modern..
Turbine Festival 2015 at Tate Modern..
Turbine Festival 2015 at Tate Modern..
Turbine Festival 2015 at Tate Modern..
Turbine Festival 2015 at Tate Modern..
Turbine Festival 2015 at Tate Modern..
Turbine Festival 2015 at Tate Modern..


The Epsilonograph 

Using lasers, spinning media and photovoltaic cells(solar panels), rich new sounds can be made using modern mechanisms without the need for digital processing. Read more about this project here.

The Big Blade by Tim Yates

Enjoy the earth-shattering infrasonics of an industrial circular saw blade of epic dimension. Read more about this project here.


Vulpestruments by Tom Fox

Reclaimed, Recycled and Scavenged Musical instruments and Noise makers. Tom also demonstrated his latest invention ‘The Hummingbird,’ which uses Tweets as means to create music.  More info about his instruments can be found here.


Pmwgr-1-0-No-Plug-Sound-Machine by Samira Allaouat

PMWGR 1.0 explores the idea of a future where resources that we hold as fundamental to life will no longer exist, through plant-powered light theremins and a wind-up gramophone. Read more about this project here.


Coat Hangers by Tim Yates

Demonstrated by Eleanor Mawrey, the sound of a coat hanger! You can do this at home if you grab a string, wrap ends around your finger, hang a metal coat hanger on the string, and put your fingers into your ears, you’ll hear the amazing sounds of the coat hanger. The vibrations from the hung object travel up a string and into your ears, It is always interesting experimenting with other found objects around your house.


The Crowds

Finally, Huge thanks to the Tate for inviting us, and for everyone who made this happen. The next meetup will be announced soon as usual.

Organisers: Saif Bunni and Tim Yates.

Participants: Stanley Lewry, Faraz Sayed, Tom Fox, Tony Hardie-Bick, Samira Allaouat, David Langton, and Eleanor Mawrey.

Thanks to Ciaran Harte from London College of Communication for providing us with some equipment for the event.