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Slinkies: Sun 22nd Feb. 2015

This meetup, we experimented with the sound of Slinkies [ Thanks to Faraz ]. It is amazing such alien, other-worldly sounds can be obtained from such otherwise ordinary object. 


We recorded the sound of the slinkies using our frame construction, and the piezo setup we’ve designed last year. The sound at the meetup was absolutely enlightening. You can hear some excerpts what it sounded like from the Soundcloud player above.

Lucia on the other hand experiments with making high frequency musical Arcs, possible by use of high voltage driver and flyback transformer! Head over to Feathercurl’s channel ( feathercurls on Youtube ) to see more wacky sound projects, and be careful not to get electrocuted – High voltage can teleport from the screen into your brain. 

book_physics of musical instrumentsThe Physics of Musical Instruments by Neville H. Fletcher and Thomas Rossing may be something worth investing into. 

piezo‘Addressed to readers with a reasonable grasp of physics who are not put off by a little mathematics, this book discusses most of the traditional instruments currently in use in Western music.’ can be obtained from Amazon.






Finally, here are some more photographs of this evening.




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Tute Chigamba: Sun 25th Jan. 2015

This meetup, we were joined by Frederic Roksam; a sound and an acoustic engineer who has experience of working in organisations such as IRCAM and Philips Consumer Electronics. 

One of the participants [ Adam ], playing an African made Mbira, specifically made by the craftsman in the video below. 

The simplicity of the tools being used to sculpt the instrument is astounding. The maker uses a piece of glass to sand the surface of the wood, shapes the steel by simply hammering it.


One of the participants [ Thomas ] who works in a speaker design company.

One of the participants concept for a 9V powered, adjustable spring Reverb unit [ by Oscar: link 1 + link 2 ]


Our setup that evening included a row of solenoids, mixer, piezo pre-amp circuits, frame, saw blades, piezo discs, laptop, and recorder.

other participants

Other participants enjoying the sounds of Mbira.

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Maker Faire: Sat 15th Nov. 2014

We recently had a lot of fun participating at the Elephant and Castle Mini Maker Faire. It was inspiring to meet so many creatives and makers, and to receive such great feedback. This is the summary of the event, with videos, photographs and some sounds!


The Frame has somewhat always been a core project we’ve been developing for sometime. The objective was very simple; to be able to hear and listen to any ( or at least most ) physical objects. In the photographed contraption, any object hung in the frame can be heard via headphones. An enthusiastic listener can hang any object she/he likes to listen to.


It is indeed simply built, and uses Piezo discs picked up from Maplins to transduce the sounds of the objects. As in the spirit of DIY and Hackspaces, we hung an old used circular Saw blade, and a rafter’s square – both of which sound absolutely sublime. It was great to witness people from all ages appreciate what otherwise could be dangerous, or just extremely boring ordinary objects.

It is unfortunate our sound recordings of the event were corrupted, below is the only recording that survived. Admirably, it is the sound of the relays and solenoids used in the glockenspiel photographed below, plus the ambient sounds of the Maker Faire!


Introducing the Automatic Glockenspiel; a generous number of relays and solenoids; meticulously controlled instrument by the computer. A precise glockenspiel, which can achieve lightning fast play speeds, otherwise unachievable by the mere average human being. We’re no longer needed to play anything, let the machines rule! We’ve filmed this in previous posts if you want to have a look. More info. and possibly tutorials on how this works soon. We’re very excited to try this on other instruments as well 🙂


It was amazing to participate in such an energetic event. The feedback we received was incredibly reinvigorating, and an essential source of energy for all of us to take into an exciting new year. This will help us take our projects and objectives to new heights.

We’re very thrilled to end this year on such a high note. Our next meetup will be on Sunday 25th January 2015 7pm at the London Hackspace. We’re looking forward to the new year, and the adventures that await us.


Best Wishes this Christmas.

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