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In the Darkness! Sun 26th April 2015

Have you ever heard the sound of fishing line? Probably not! That’s why we are here. Our purpose is to present to you materials like never before. You can hear the Fishing line as it stretches due to the weight of the hanging blade. The recording was made using our Frame Project. Below is a high fidelity recording of the miraculous phenomenon of elasticity.

fishing line

The fishing line was directly knotted on the hooked Piezo discs. This knotting technique perhaps facilitated the stretching of the fishing line, allowing us to hear the speaking length of the string between the hooks and the hanging blade.

fishing line to blade


More Laser Sounds with OptoNoise

Following our last meetup’s indulgence with the sounds of lasers, in this meetup we continue to gaze in awe at the ceiling, as laser beams hits intricately patterned spinning discs, creating a beautiful display of sounding reflections.



Sounds from the OptoNoise project can be heard above in the Soundcloud Playlist.


Behold! A glorified button with a Screen!


More Photographs.

frame_fishing line

Pretending to know electronics...
Pretending to know electronics…

Thank you very much for the great attendance, and a truly energetic and inspiring meetup!

Lasers with OptoNoise: Sun 29th Mar. 2015

This Sunday, we met with Stanley Lewry to experiment with the sound of Lasers. The recordings above are made using Lasers being put through engraved/grooved or painted on spinning discs mounted on a motor shaft. Light through the discs are picked up by a transducer into an amplifier for your listening pleasure. 🙂

You can check out and follow the progress of Stanley’s Project through the Opto Noise page on Google+

More photographs from the meetup are below. See you next Sunday on the 26th April!

The sheng Acoustic Instrument
The sheng Acoustic Instrument
Working with the sound of light, in the darkness.
Working with the sound of light, in the darkness.