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Tom Fox: Sun 27th Jul. 2014



This Sunday was very special here at Acoustic London. We met Tom Fox from Vulpestruments, who shared with us his wonderful and rather ingenious creations. Click here to see all the videos, and hear all the sounds!



Browse through our Youtube Playlist for a summary of all the instruments presented.






At the core of this visually-stunning instrument is the pickup coil. This beautiful structure is essentially a transformer, being used here to pickup the changing magnetic field of the stretched steel springs.




There is definitely a certain aesthetic to how these instruments are made. It is just pure eye candy! And regarding craftsmanship, there is a meticulous level of attention to some details, and some rather simple and unique solutions to making instruments such as using brackets and bolts to mount strings.


strings in ear


Here demonstrated is the ceremony of christening and welcoming a new member to the group. Inspired by the old string telephone trick, the same principle can be applied to listening to things such as our favorite of all blades – the circular saw blade. You can hear what they’re hearing if you listen through our soundcloud playlist.




Because you’ve reached near the end of the post, you’ll get a little news treat. We’re currently working on a collaborative project, and part of a new plan, there are ideas for a make day. It won’t be a day, more like few hours, where we present big ideas in small packages. The design of the ideas will be from combination of other artists, instrument makers and ours. We’ll hopefully arrange these soon.


For now, stay tuned, and enjoy the videos. Any queries, acoustichacking@gmail.com

Sun 29th Jun. 2014


Thanks for everyone who attended, and it is great to see some new faces. This meetup was about combining efforts from the dedicated attendees! We’re planning to have a ‘Make day’ on the 13th July because it is apparent that there is little time for this during the normal meetup times. Click here for a brief summary.

Lucia managed to make PC fans sing!


And we continue discussing bowls and saw blades, which do seem to becoming a major fascination among us. In fact, we’re dedicating 13th July to a saw blade frenzy, anyone is welcome to join. If you happen to have any saw blades lying around, please don’t hesitate to bring them along.


Dates of next meetups

Sun 13th July 12 pm – Saw blade Frenzy Make Day (Still to be confirmed)

Sun 27th July 7 pm – Usual meetup time
Note: I’ve uploaded some books and papers in the Goodies Folder. These may look incredibly technical and daunting at a glance, but they are great sources and amazing ideas, so check them out.

On a side note, there is an exponential horn exhibit at the science museum worth going to. And there is a visit to Sound Mirrors in Dungeness on 20th July (scroll to middle page for more info.), and a great article about recording.

Any enquiries, please email acoustichacking@gmail.com