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Tute Chigamba: Sun 25th Jan. 2015

This meetup, we were joined by Frederic Roksam; a sound and an acoustic engineer who has experience of working in organisations such as IRCAM and Philips Consumer Electronics. 

One of the participants [ Adam ], playing an African made Mbira, specifically made by the craftsman in the video below. 

The simplicity of the tools being used to sculpt the instrument is astounding. The maker uses a piece of glass to sand the surface of the wood, shapes the steel by simply hammering it.


One of the participants [ Thomas ] who works in a speaker design company.

One of the participants concept for a 9V powered, adjustable spring Reverb unit [ by Oscar: link 1 + link 2 ]


Our setup that evening included a row of solenoids, mixer, piezo pre-amp circuits, frame, saw blades, piezo discs, laptop, and recorder.

other participants

Other participants enjoying the sounds of Mbira.

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