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Lasers with OptoNoise: Sun 29th Mar. 2015

This Sunday, we met with Stanley Lewry to experiment with the sound of Lasers. The recordings above are made using Lasers being put through engraved/grooved or painted on spinning discs mounted on a motor shaft. Light through the discs are picked up by a transducer into an amplifier for your listening pleasure. 🙂

You can check out and follow the progress of Stanley’s Project through the Opto Noise page on Google+

More photographs from the meetup are below. See you next Sunday on the 26th April!

The sheng Acoustic Instrument
The sheng Acoustic Instrument
Working with the sound of light, in the darkness.
Working with the sound of light, in the darkness.

Sun 27th Apr. 2014

Huge thanks for everyone who attended today, it was a very unique meeting. We had guest ‘Kevin’ who is working with a hand-made singing bowl, which when struck properly, can achieve up to 4 minutes of continuous resonance.

In line with his project, there was a sparking interest around various coil designs, such as the ones used as transducers i.e. in speakers. Below you can see what’s called a Tesla Coil (which I wound myself) being used to resonate the bowl, physically changing its shape as a result.

Along with this, as you can see below, we continued from previous meeting messing with motors. Below you can Arduino to PWM control motor to produce tones, and also an amplifier driving a gentle sine wave into a motor. Steel blades sound amazing.


hacking with breadboard


We now have our little temporary blog, which will probably at some point turn to a proper website. Everything from updates, announcements, information about future meetings as well as contact info, etc… will be posted here as well as the LHS Thread. Name of the blog is also still undecided, if you’ve got an idea, send it through.

Another thing, Acoustic Hacking will be permanently on the last Sunday of each month at 7pm. This means next meeting will be on:

Sun 25th May 7pm

If this is not the greatest time for you or have other ideas, please do contact me or Tim. Agenda for next meeting will be up soon. Again, huge thanks for Kevin and everyone who attended this time. Join us next month!