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Sun 28th Sept. 2014 

This week we didn’t have a speaker so it was a great opportunity to get some hacking done. We started by working on an automated Glockenspiel that Lucia had begun to make.Using solenoids, a relay board and an Arduino, we managed to get some sounds out of the kids Glockenspiel we had. A pretty good start and remarkably easy considering it was our first attempt. The video below shows the solenoid doing its job. There’s obviously plenty still to do to get a working instrument, but it’s good to have the proof of concept.

Lucia's Glock

Having done all we could with that, we moved onto the circular saw instrument. Tony had finalised the design for his preamp so he built it and we tried it out. The result was amazing, especially through headphones, and we all felt like we’d finally captured the thing we’d been looking for. It was a very exciting moment, and we now just need to sort out a few technical issues with the frame before we can really start experimenting with the objects and sounds.

Circular Saw + Solenoid

Looking forward to next time now where we’ll hopefully get the design completely finalised.

P.S. We’re super excited to be participating in the Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire 2014, taking place on Saturday 15th November at London College of Communication. It’s still sometime, so we’ll have some of these projects finished by then :). Please visit this link for details and tickets [ link ].

Maker Faire

Till then, Join us on the regular meetup times, so next one is on Sunday 26th October 2014 7pm at the London Hackspace. Agenda will be uploaded soon!

Any queries, please email acoustichacking@gmail.com