The Frame

The Frame is a simple structure which allows us to listen to the hidden sounds of resonating objects. Hang anything you like on it and see if you can discover sounds you never imaged were there! […]



The Epsilonograph is a new form of analogue sound and music synthesis. Using lasers, spinning media and photovoltaic cells(solar panels) new rich sounds can be made using modern mechanisms without the need for digital processing. […]

Big Blade

The Big Blade

So what do you do if you walk out of your front door and find someone pushing a 1.2m diameter circular saw blade down the road in a shopping trolley?

Click on to find out […]

Tom Small Hummingbird

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is an instrument by Tom Fox that turns your twitter feed into music […]



PMWGR 1.0 No Plug Sound Machine

PMWGR 1.0 No Plug Sound Machine explores the idea of a future where resources that we hold as fundamental to life will no longer exist […]