PMWGR 1.0 No Plug Sound Machine

Project by Samira “Night by Night” Allaouat

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PMWGR 1.0 NO PLUG SOUND MACHINE explores the idea of a future where resources that we hold as fundamental to life will no longer exist.

Consider a hypothetical crisis situation: imagine yourself re­starting from point “zero”, keeping in mind all the advanced technologies we’ve created up until that point, and then recreate those comforts, but without the power supplies we commonly take for granted.

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ELECTRONIC MUSIC means playing live with sound and having the possibility to modulate the following elements:

• PITCH : frequency ­related scale (higher and lower associated with melodies)
• DYNAMICS : volume of the sound
• RHYTHM : periodic pattern in time

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The main compositional concept of PMWGR 1.0 uses Beat, Sample and Loop, reproducing an electronic rhythm ­through light theremins­ combined with an analog sample ­from a 78 RPM record.

UNCONVENTIONAL ELECTRICITY means producing electrical power without resorting to conventional technology, such as the mains power supply, solar panels and so on, but focusing instead on alternative clean energy, harnessing the natural world around us.

Within PMWGR 1.0, mechanics, electronics, nature and human collaboration coexist and support each other in the the same time and place. The light theremins and the LEDs are powered using electricity from earth batteries made from potted plants, and the mechanical core is a gramophone activated with man power.