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Jack Jelfs: April 2016

IMG_1937We had a great session this month with Jack Jelfs demonstrating and talking about his sound-art installation Stop/Start which was recently shown at The Conservatoire in Blackheath. The installation is “an ensemble of sculptural units which generate sound using magnetism, electricity, physical acoustics and amplification to collectively perform a musical composition on an endless, never exactly repeating, loop.”

Jack’s instruments are a beautiful collection of hand-made electronics activating metal rods, strings, percussion and tape decks. A combination of things we love at Hackoustic! Jack spoke about about his projects, demonstrating how they work and how he made them. A lot of the work on the project was done at the London Hackspace, and it was wonderful to see what can be done in the space.


We also had the Epilonograph team demonstrating their amazing new laser guitar to add to the Epsilonograph orchestra: