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Hackoustic Presents – 23rd June 2018

I’Klectik Art Lab, 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG

Tickets from £5: Available here

Come along to a night of hacked sound – experimental performances, instruments and installations featuring some of the most exciting makers, musicians and artists in London. We’re really excited about our lineup this month – we have another incredibly diverse array of artists performing and talking about their work, as well as some wonderful installations. The prolific and exciting Tim Murray-Browne will be talking about his installation work. We’ll have performances from Mother Disorder who creates brooding electronica using contact mics attached to her body and Laurel Smith-Pardue who will be performing with her augmented violin as well as Blanc Sceol playing their beautiful hand-made acoustic instruments with world renowned sculptor Richard Wilson.
We also have SoundObject, an installation from Shobhan Shah who is currently working at Random International, and Lucia Naidu demonstrating a variety of her fascinated projects ranging from musical motors to neon oscillators. Also present will be  the latest version of The Big Blade – the Hackoustic mascot – played in a way you’ve never experienced before!

No Hackoustic event would be complete without our resident and most wonderful DJ #BarrysLounge spinning discs for us. There’ll also be a surprise workshop from our Creative Director Tom Fox so you’ll go home having learned a new skill!

Check out more info on our artists below and book your tickets quick!


Tim Murray-Browne is an artist and creative coder based in London. He works with code, sound, graphics and interactive technology to create immersive spaces for interactive installations and live performance. His work often responds to the movement of the body and draws on embodied experience — preverbal sensations of place, significance and understanding. He looks for new contexts for human connection and creativity, places that challenge our assumptions of who we are and what we do. Check out his portfolio here.


Stephen and Hannah combine poetry, sonic art and hand-made instruments in their compelling and beautiful installations and performances. You can check out some of Stephens incredibly powerful work here. We especially love his Ship’s Opera a live, moving, operatic concerto of ships’ steam whistles, bells, horns, hooters, sirens and cannon on the VIC 96.


Laurel will be performing on an augmented violin using custom sensor arrangements to detect natural playing techniques and highlight musical and technical expression. Dr. Laurel S. Pardue is an expert on sensing for performance. She recently completed a PhD and is continuing work at QMUL and AAU in Copenhagen looking at violin augmentations in order to use technology to redefine the way we learn and play the violin. Laurel previously studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology including degrees in computer science and electronics, music, and a masters from MIT’s Media Lab. Major projects include work as a Protools software engineer, building a MIDI gamelan for Gamelan Galak Tika, hardware interaction design for Visual Music Systems, and she is currently lead engineer for Keda Music’s electronic tabla. As a musician, Laurel plays violin, viola, and Balinese gamelan extensively. She has performed around the US Northeast with Gamelan Galak Tika, Evan Ziporyn, Arnold Dreyblatt, Terry Riley, and at NY’s Lincoln Center with Kronos Quartet. In Europe, she has toured extensively with Sam Lee and performed for BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, and 6 Music, and German television. She freelances as a classical/folk violinist around London playing regularly with the band Mishaped Pearls and Gamelan Lila Cita.


Laura/Frank Bowman, A.K.A Mother Disorder is an emerging artist based in London. Working currently within the mediums of electronic music and performance, frequently their work incorporates crystals, as an avatar for their experience with mental health disorders. Alien yet organic, pointed yet static, a subject of beauty and of horror. Tying together the ephemeral and the visceral, Mother Disorder aims to manifest in their work the unseen realities of living with mental disorders.

Exploring societal pressures to be functional and the process of therapy, Mother Disorder uses contact microphones incorporated onto the body to merge performance art and improvised dark and ethereal electronic music.


Shobhan is a communication designer who accidentally finds himself surrounding by hardware, software and products; he works with Random International to visualise, prototype and develop artworks. He brings with him his first — and, so far, only — sound-related project, which uses cameras, hands and colours for making different sounds. It was originally conceived in 2014 (with Bettina, Tessa and Martijn, while they were all studying at the RCA), but is only now taking its first steps into the real world.


Lucia is an electronics hobbyist and composer who does some sound and musical projects, sometimes using unusual things to play music, like computer cooling fans. She also discovered high voltage projects and all the fun associated with sparks, neon lights, plasma balls and static electricity. She is now trying to combine these interests and am making a neon oscillator musical instrument.