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Hacking Session: December 2015

19:30, London Hackspace


After the success of last months hacking session we’ve decided to make it a permanent fixture. After this month it’ll be the second Sunday of each month, but this month we’ve decided to hold it on the 13th.

The idea is to provide a space for you guys to bring your projects along and actually get some work done on them in the company of others in the groups to enable us to help each other out, trouble-shoot problems and get a bit of feedback.

There won’t be any formal plans, no speakers or demonstrations, so the session will be completely reliant on what you the participants bring along. There’ll be at least one of the group regulars there to help you on your way if it’s your first time or you need a pointer or two so it should be quite a user-friendly affair.

As always the event is free and open to non-Hackspace members to come along and join in!