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Auto Glock: Sun 30th Nov. 2014


People stare at a Solenoid-Powered Glockenspiel…


This Sunday witnessed a significant upgrade to the design of the Frame Project, which is thoroughly detailed here [ link ]. This preliminary version is an A-type frame, and the main advantage is the vastness of space created to place much bigger objects.

framev2.0_nodescrip (1920x1089)

Frame v2.0 upgraded design – uses curtain rails holders! [ Thanks to Tim ]

The advantages of this design are aplenty:

  • Extremely lightweight: consists of total of 5 pieces – wood, aluminium and alloy metal.
  • Compact and Portable: requires only an allen key and a Philips screw driver to disassemble.
  • Can easily fit into backpack.
  • Easily made using basic wood/metal working skills and access to a DIY shop.

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