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Hackoustic Presents: January 2017

What a fantastic night! We had an amazing evening of performances, talks, demonstrations, installations and mingling with some of London’s top Sound artists, builders, hackers and educators. A sell-out event with a wonderful, positive and enthusiastic crowd. Thanks to everyone who came down and made it so much fun!

The speakers and demonstrators were:

Gawain Hewitt

Gawain spoke about the making of a new collaborative sound installation ‘Wonderbox’.

Inspired by curiosity boxes and cabinets at the V&A museum, Wonderbox invites the audience to collaborate by selecting 9 squares of children’s art and placing them on the box. The combination of squares and their placement creates a piece of music, comprised of elements composed by the participants.

Tasos Stamou

Presented a new system called Modular Toys which combines electronic music technology and kinetic sculptures. A main control “brain” triggers a series of handmade sound devices (electronic and motoric) creating a chain of synchronized self-generated sound sculptures.

Helen Leigh Steer

Helen spoke about her work with DoItKits, her company that manufactures simple, engaging way to teach with new technologies. Lots of her projects are sound related, so she’ll be showing us what they’ve come up with.

Brendan O’Connor

Floating Balloons – Brendan’s first installation project – a generative music installation using floating balloons.


Our Creative Director Tom Fox aka Vulpestruments brought a selection of his amazing upcycled and recycled instruments for everyone to have a go on, including the legendary Springy Thing, and incomparable Hummingbird.

Steve Poulacheris

Plus the always fabulous DJ  to keep us all in the mood.