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Month: February 2016


The Optomodule: February 2016

This month's meetup promises to be an exciting one with long-standing members Optonoise demonstrating the latest iteration of their Epsilonograph, the Optomodule. This is an amazing experimental instrument that uses laser beams to generate sound. Come along and have a go making some laser music and visuals! You can also check out some tracks made with the instrument here.

The event is free and open to non-Hackspace members to come along and join in!

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Hacking Session

Hacking Session: February 2016

This is our regular monthly hacking session on the second Sunday of every month.

These sessions are an opportunity for you guys to bring your own projects along to the Hackspace and get some work done on them. There'll be other hackers working on their own projects and everyone's always keen to help each other out, trouble-shoot problems and give a bit of feedback.

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